The world’s largest amatuer surfing association is now on Surf Signup

Surf Signup is excited to be working with Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) on their online membership and event registration. The association has 24 districts, which stretch from Maine to the Great Lakes and down to South Florida and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Each district’s programs are developed and operated by a dedicated group of volunteer directors and staff. ESA-Online-Event-Registration With its large membership and 24 districts, one of ESA’s ongoing challenges was coordinating active memberships with each district, and confirming each surf competitor had a active membership on the day of the event. With ESA’s previous membership system, this required a lot of manual input and work by its volunteers and district directors, and was further complicated by each district using their own registration system. Surf Signup worked with ESA to standardize the registration process and create custom features for their unique membership requirements, and also to close the gap between memberships and district events. With Surf Signup, their members register for events, and pay for and manage their memberships entirely online, which prevents members from registering for events without an active membership. This also gives districts an easy solution for managing their online event registration with real-time visibility of active memberships and participants. With such a large membership base, it’s important for ESA to create a positive and frictionless experience for members. Our core belief at Surf Signup is to make event registration and registration management SIMPLE on both computers and mobile devices. We work very hard at testing, applying user feedback, and monitoring usability. Because of this approach, it’s very easy for competitors and members to sign up online, which reduces errors and eliminates registration questions that typically crush event organizers prior to the event. We are very proud of our registration system and excited to have this opportunity to work with ESA . Looking forward to an awesome 2016 season!

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