Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA) Joins USA Surfing

Established in 1988, the Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA) is the official member-based governing body of Texas and challenges Texas surfers through consistent competition and progresses Texas surfing not only locally, but nationally. By joining USA Surfing, TGSA members will now have extended opportunities to compete at regional and national levels. In addition to competing through the TGSA schedule, USA Surfing also has Prime events through the season on the East and West Coast that our members will now have the opportunity to
compete. Top performing surfers from each region will qualify to compete at the USA Surfing Championships at Lower Trestles in Southern California June 10-20, where the USA Surf Team Trials will also take place. Competing for national titles and USA Surf Team selections will now be extended to TGSA members.

The recent addition of Texas Gulf Surfing Association, USA Surfing now has complete representation from major amateur surfing organizations across the nation; such as the Eastern Surfing Association, Western Surfing Association, and Hawaii Surfing Association.

The TGSA is excited to bring this opportunity and challenge to our competitors to continue the
progression of Texas surfing. Below you will find the remaining schedule of Prime events – if you choose
to compete in a Prime, please let TGSA President, Patty Garlough know with at least a two-week notice.
The TGSA knows how talented our surfers are and encourages participation outside of Texas to continue
growing valuable competitive results and experience.

TGSA uses Surf Signup for online event registration. Register for TGSA Surfing events at: tgsa.surfsignup.com