Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA) Joins USA Surfing

Established in 1988, the Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA) is the official member-based governing body of Texas and challenges Texas surfers through consistent competition and progresses Texas surfing not only locally, but nationally. By joining USA Surfing, TGSA members will now have extended opportunities to compete at regional and national levels. In addition to competing through the […]

Surfers’ Concussion Survey

Concussions have traditionally been under-recognized and under-reported in competitive athletes. They often resolve without permanent dysfunction but can lead to chronic headaches, difficulty sleeping, depression, anxiety, and in rare cases, death. Understanding and managing these injuries appropriately is essential to help prevent these devastating consequences. There is very little known about concussions and head injuries […]

The world’s largest amatuer surfing association is now on Surf Signup

Surf Signup is excited to be working with Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) on their online membership and event registration. The association has 24 districts, which stretch from Maine to the Great Lakes and down to South Florida and across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Each district’s programs are developed and operated by a dedicated group […]