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I can’t login to my account

TIP: Having trouble logging in? Just use the forgot password feature. Reset your password here

Info on heats, event info and times

Help, Need event info! Surf Signup is a service for the organization. We can only help with registration questions. We would love to help, but we don’t know anything about the event or heats. You will need to contact the organizer. Best place to find this info is on their website or Facebook page.

Event registration is closed.

Help, registration is closed! Surf Signup is a service for the organization. If registration is closed or full, you must contact to the event organizer. Many organizations have beach signups, but you’ll want to confirm that before going. We would love to help, but we can’t override the organizer’s settings.

Memberships – I already paid membership and now I’m being required to pay again.

I already paid for membership! Memberships are attached to the account. If you create a new account, we won’t know you paid membership and the system will require you to pay again To solve, If you already paid online, think about other email addresses or the possibility of someone else creating account and paying (e.g. […]